FARMA-N 15 Delimber

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The FARMA N 5–15 B is an extremely versatile equipment and all foresters will appreciate its potential. It improves capacity and boosts forest output by minimizing the area lost to access roads. It will also handle the heaviest and most dangerous operations at very reasonable investment cost.

 After the trees have been felled manually, the processor winch simply hauls them in. The processor is then used for handling, limbing, bucking and sorting the timber into different piles.

 FARMA-N is simple to handle, is reliable and easy to service. It is a sturdy machine that can manage anything from initial clearing to final felling of trees with  diameters of up to 20 inches.

 The FARMA N5–15 can easily be hitched to any agricultural tractor. The processor has its own hydraulic system, which is driven by a robust pump and there is a gearbox designed for connecting directly to the tractor power take – off, which eliminates the transmission shaft. 

The FARMA N 5–15 is equipped with a powerful hydraulic winch. The 2.5 ton (5500lbs) winch can be controlled either remotely by wireless remote control or directly from the control panel. The boom auto-dampens as it reaches the end and can be used to limb the tree in both directions, helping it process oddly shaped and deformed trees. The length is measured automatically and shown on the control panel. The measurement is automatically reset to zero when the saw is activated.

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