About Us

Nestled in the town of Waterloo Quebec, just east of Montreal, we have grown into one of Canada's largest family owned and operated forestry equipment delears. Serving mostly eastern Canada and the east coast of the USA, we have built a business based on service and quality products. 

We've spent years developping a product line that comes from all over the world, taking full advantage of the experience and know-how each country has to offer. We proudly support many Canadian and American companies when we are the world leaders in those products; but we're humble enough to admit when we're not. We instead choose to get much of our forestry equipment from Europe in countries like Finland, Estonia and Slovenia where they have been using these tools for much longer than we have in North America.

We hope that you'll have a good look at our site, and keep in mind that there is always something going on here, with more inventory than we could ever put on the site. So if you're close enough to stop by and say "Hi" we hope you do. The coffee is always hot and we're always happy to show you what's new!

(And if you're not in the area, visit our Facebook page to stay up-to-date on all the action )