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Processeur a bois HAKKI
Processeur a bois QUEBEC
43 pro firewood processor
Processeur a bois de chauffage
43 pro firewood processor
bois de chauffage processeur
fendeuse a bois de chauffage
moteur processeur a bois
processeur à bois


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The Hakki Pilke 43 Pro firewood processor is a combination of experience and innovations. 43 Pro is an entirely new machine based on the Easy 42 model, highly regarded among professional users. Despite the increased robustness of the frame, the log splitter is compact in terms of its dimensions and weight. The productivity of the procesor has been improved with excellent delay-free HakkiSplitTM splitting force. New features like a hydraulic log clamp, a hydraulically retracting measuring device and log landing plates ensures uninterrupted material flow. If Hakki Pilke 43 Pro firewood processor is mainly used to process sizeable logs, user can also opt for the wider output conveyor used in the Easy 50s model.

 *Available as tractor PTO or Vanguard engine