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FARMA 4x4 log trailer
remorque FARMA 4x4
Chargeuse FARMA 4x4
Chargeuse a bois 4x4
remorque commandée FARMA
4x4 remorque FARMA
Black Bruin drive log trailer
log trailer with Black Bruin drive
hydraulic drive control FARMA log trailer
Floatation tracks FARMA trailer
chaines a glaces chargeuse FARMA

FARMA 6.7-T10F 4WD

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The model T10F is a variation of our model T9F but with hydraulic drive. Heavier axles and higher ply tires are used.

We have 2 options for customers requiring assisted drive directly on their trailers.

The ROBSON uses a rotating hydraulic motor in the treads of the tire to power the tires forward or backward. It`s easily engaged/ disengaged via a wired remote and the speed is set by the tractor. Once the system detects that it no longer has resistance, it automatically disengages, protecting the tires.

The Black Bruin drive uses a hydraulic motors inside the hubs of 2 wheels. The speed is set via a controller inside the cab. The main advatage is that it allows the use of chains or tracks and allows for a wider selection of tires.