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FARMA 3.8 log loader
FARMA 12' log loader
Chargeuse a bois FARMA T6
Chargeuse a bois téléscopique
chargeuse a bois 14'
chargeuse a bois Picken
joystick chargeuse a bois FARMA
FARMA 3.8/4.2-T6
FARMA 3.8/4.2-T6
FARMA 3.8/4.2-T6
FARMA 3.8/4.2-T6
FARMA 3.8/4.2-T6

FARMA 3.8/4.2-T6

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Our 6 ton log trailer comes with either the FARMA 3.8G2 (12.5') crane or the 4.2G2 (14') crane which features a telescopic extension.

The T6 is a compact trailer equipped with an adjustable rear extension to allow for loading of longer logs as well as shortening the trailer to easily pass in tighter areas. Each set of bunks is adjustable to ensure the posts are properly lined up with the log. The axle is also adjustable in order to put the correct amount of weight on the tractor hitch.

10 ply 11.5/80-15.3 forestry tires come on reinforced rims with valve protection.

With a strong crane, this model is popular amongst maple syrup producers as it's size allows it to pass below branches and along narrow roads without sacrificing construction quality or robustness. The G2 crane series crane uses a triangular linkage system between the main boom and the stick for optimal movement and lifting capacity. It allows the user to comfortably work close to the trailer as well as fold the crane in 2 and lay on top of a fully loaded trailer.

*optional equipment:

  • Wireless remote control winch
  • Hydraulic dump box
  • Hydraulic brakes