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FARMA 7,0-14
FARMA 7.0-T12 G2
FARMA 7.0-T12 G2
FARMA G2 trailer
chargeuse a bois farma log loader
7,0 log crane, the stongest crane on the market
FARMA G2 trailer specs
FARMA 7.0-T12 G2

FARMA 7.0-T12 G2

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FARMA presents our professional T12 lumber trailer in the Generation 2 series, available with optional 4WD. The octagonal, bent, centre profile gives the trailer a new and innovative design. The frame is more impact- resistant and it`s shape, with angled surfaces, makes the trailer better able to deflect high stumps and rocks in the forest.

The T12 has a hydraulic rear extension allowing longer logs, or 2 log lengths to be loaded end to end. It can be retracted to fit through tighter areas. Four adjustable banks including the adjustable bogie allow you tailor your trailer to the logs you`re carrying. Double cylinders provide uniform torque on the drawbar and allow for incredibly precise steering of the trailer.  The hidden hoses, as well as the integrated rear lights wiring run inside the chassis, which gives good protection to vulnerable parts during forestry work.

The optional hydraulic 4WD adjusts automatically to the speed of the tractor; even automatically disengaging at higher speeds when it senses it is no longer needed. The drive is extremely useful in difficult driving conditions on soft ground, deep snow and in hilly areas. 

The trailer can be equipped with either the 7.0 G2 (23') crane or the 8.5 G2 (28') crane for added reach.