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The new T9F PRO trailer boasts some considerable improvements over the regular T9. The mounting plate has been reinforced considerably and the cranes turnhouse now sits 22'' lower than before. The new mounting solution gives it a lower center of gravity. This means better stability and better visibility for the operator. These improvement now allow us to use longer/ stronger cranes than ever before including the newly updated 7.2 crane.

The trailer can also be equipped either 4x4 Robson drive or 2WD Black Bruin drive for the added benefit of using chains or tracks.

While the 6.7 crane offers excellent hose protection, a long telescopic reach, and adjustable wear pads, the updated 7.2 boasts a longer reach and even higher lifting capacity.
Standard equipment includes:
  • Extendible loading bed built for 2 rows of 8" logs
  • 400/60-15.5 TRAC tires
  • Telescopic stabilizers with the 6.7 crane, fold-down with the 7.2 crane
  • Hydraulic frame steering
  • Electric over hydraulic joystick
  • 50'' grapple with the 6.7 crane, 54'' grapple with the 7.2 crane

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