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FARMA 7.0-T14 HD with 2WD
FARMA 7.0-T14 HD with 2WD
Blackbruin drive motors inside the hubs
FARMA 7.0-T14 HD with 2WD
FARMA t14 trailer specs

FARMA 7.0-T14 HD with 2WD

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The new FARMA T14 HD is one of our strongest and smoothest forestry trailers with it's patented octagonal centre profile which gives the trailer strength and flexibility when used in demanding conditions.
With a load area of 3 square meters (2 full cords) and an option to load 2,5x2,5m (2 rows of 8') logs you will get what you need in the forest.
The chassis is made of high strength steel and with all its unique features in terms of wear resistance and low tare-weight the trailer delivers what it promises.
T14 HD is equipped with high quality Black Bruin drives inside the hub on one axle to give extra power and accessibility in the forest in difficult situations, whether it’s summer or winter in steep, wet or icy conditions.
The drive also allows the use of chains or tracks in the combination with 600/50x22,5 tires.
Double trailer steering cylinders, concealed hoses, built-in rear lights and an excellent selection of strong cranes, such as our 7.0G2 and 8.5G2 models (23' and 28' respectively), ensure that you can get a uniquely outstanding combination of trailer and crane.