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Firewood processor for professionals
Hakki Pilke Easy 5- PRO firewood processor
hakki pilke firewood processor large diameter wood
firewood processor for professional users
Hakki pilke 50PRO firewood processor
HONDA powered firewood processor for professionals
fendeuse gros bois QUEBEC
processeur 50PRO
Moteur Processeur a bois


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The Hakki Pilke 50 Pro was designed in close cooperation with firewood professionals. It has been tested with a variety of wood types across the globe to ensure international viability as a professional-grade machine for industrial firewood production and consistently superior performance in all conditions. The machine comes as standard with a wide range of features that improve efficiency and facilitate work. The HakkiCutTM sawing interface makes using the machine fast and ergonomic. Sawing is performed at the press of a button, and the splitting and feeding mechanisms are controlled with a joystick. During cutting, the lowering speed of the saw bar is automatically adjusted according to the resistance, ensuring a fast and efficient process. The standard equipment also includes the delay-free HakkiSplitTM splitting system, AC10 automatic chain tensioner, cleaning out-feed conveyor and adjustable work platform.

*Available as tractor PTO powered or Vanguard engine