KRPAN 4.5EH Remote

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KRPAN is a world leader in forestry equipment and attachments, and especially so when it comes to winches. Their use of a brake band on the spool, instead of the cheaper sprocket style mechanical brakes most brands use, allows not only safer operation but it also allows you to leave the winched logs directly on the cable as you drive the tractor to the landing instead of placing them on the knotched hooks.

  • 9920 lbs pulling force
  • Recommended tractor size 35-55HP 
  • Fully powder coated
  • 230' of pressed cable to resist unraveling
  • Automatic stopper switch when logs arrive at the buttplate
  • Chainsaw holder, removable trailer hitch and lower pulley included

*Wireless remote control and hydraulic cable unwinding optional

*Inclination sensor to prevent tractor roll-over optional

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